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About Us - who we are

one family, with a goal to remind humankind that one small act of kindness can change the world. we want to plant the seed and help kindness flourish & bloom.

About Us - our mission

simple pieces with a big impact: we exist to remind you of YOU. your worth, your impact on your community & your imprint on the earth.

About Us - the impact

each piece is hand-crafted by communities rising above poverty. your purchase starts with an intention and makes an impact.

SPARKLE this New Year and wear the STELLA collection as a reminder to dream big and reach for the stars in 2022!✨⁠

#bekindhumankind #newyear #reachforthestars

Today is WORLD KINDNESS DAY!!✨🧡 How will you share love and kindness today? Let us know in the comments below so we can all be inspired by your kindness. ⁠

#bekindhumankind #worldkindnessday

give your mom a GIFT with MEANING this mother's day! give her the gift of KINDNESS, of LOVE, and of GIVING BACK!💖💐✨⁠

#bekindhumankind #bkh #bekind #kindnessiscool

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