Zoom Seven Stones of Forgiveness petite bracelet with 4mm genuine Carnelian and Aquamarine gemstone beads and a flower silver bead on black cording with silver beads at ends orange and blue in color
Zoom Women's hand wearing Be Kind Humankind 7 Stones of Forgiveness carnelian and aquamarine gemstone beaded dainty bracelet, woman's hand in denim jeans pocket with blue nail polish and cream woven sweater
Zoom 7 Stones of Forgiveness carnelian and aquamarine gemstone bracelet on woven black cording with small inspiration card, small drawstring be kind humankind bad and Sara Schulting Kranz self-help book
Zoom Writer Sara Schulting Kranz wearing 7 Stones of Forgiveness gemstone dainty bracelet with her hands over her heart, looking off to distance, foggy day at beach

7 Stones of FORGIVENESS Bracelet

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You are on your path to healing and forgiveness. With every step forward, open your heart and be reminded of your self-love, worthiness, and ability to forgive. Use the gemstones to guide you in meditation. Run your finger along the stones, stopping in affirmation at each aquamarine gem. Breathe in and connect with nature, your heart, and divine love. At each aquamarine gem, repeat the 7 affirmations below: 

1) I surrender to the power of forgiveness.

2) I know who I am. 

3) I value my worth + I love myself.

4) I have healthy boundaries for myself.

5) I release judgments of myself + of others, and I continue to show up for myself. 

6) I give myself permission to just be. 

7) I forgive myself. I forgive those who have wronged me. I send forgiveness out into the world. 

This bracelet is created in collaboration with Sara Schulting Kranz. 

Product Description: 

|| Adjustable cording which ranges from 6" to 9.5" circumference

|| 4mm genuine Carnelian and Aquamarine gemstone beads

|| Each bracelet is handmade in Kampala, Uganda

|| Responsibly sourced materials

|| Silver-tone metal beads

|| Medals made in Italy

|| Each piece comes with an inspirational card

*Also receive a FREE Kind string bracelet in every order! Pass on this bracelet as a tangible act of kindness… the wave of kindness starts with YOU!


7 Stones of FORGIVENESS Bracelet



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